The Ultimate Guide to ACER SWIFT 5 VS ACER SWIFT 3

To determine which is superior, we’ll compare the Acer Swift 5 and Swift 3 in this article. Both the recently released Acer Swift 5 and 3 models include the newest CPUs from Intel as well as various additional upgrades. Let’s take a look at the features of each laptop before moving on to the comparisons.

Acer Swift 5

Acer Swift 5

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3


SpecificationsAcer Swift 5Acer Swift 3
CPU12th Gen Intel Core i712th Gen Intel Core i5
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe graphicsIntel Iris Xe graphics
StorageUp to 2TB SSDUp to 2TB SSD
Display14-inch QHD14-inch FHD
Ports2 USB Type-C and Type-A HDMI 2.1 3.5mm headphone jack2 USB Type-C and Type-A HDMI 2.0 3.5mm headphone jack
AudioDual stereo speakersDual stereo speakers
SecurityFingerprint sensorFingerprint sensor
Weight2.65 Lbs.2.76 Lbs.

Acer Swift 5 vs Acer Swift 3

With the efficiency of the Intel Evo 12th Generation Intel Core CPU, the Swift 5 carries enormous power and great thermal management inside a premium, aerospace-grade aluminum casing to give a fantastic computing performance.

The 14″ WQXGA In-Plane Switch touchscreen panel on this PC boasts a remarkable screen-to-chassis ratio that is 92.22 percent, making it incredibly thin and light. It has incredible visuals and a touch screen comprised of antibacterial Corning Gorilla Glass to provide the highest level of computing experience. Simply, the Swift 5 laptop is the ideal travel companion.

The 14 inches Swift 3 is offering heavyweight functionality so you can create magic anytime and anywhere. With an efficient 12th Generation Intel Core processor and lightning-fast Killer Wi-Fi 6E connection built into the Intel Evo system, you have all the efficiency you require, wherever you’re looking for it. Never take a break.


The 14-inch panel is available in both the Swift 3 & Swift 5 laptops. But there are huge differences in screen designs and resolutions. Full High Definition and Quad High Definition 16:9 In-Plane Switch panels are both available for the Acer Swift 3.

However, the Swift 5 boasts a 14-inch screen display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, which results in a 16:10 ratio that is great for work. While a 16:10 ratio panel may not be the best option for everyone, it does provide additional vertical screen space that is excellent for things like reading internet pages and editing documents.

Another benefit of the Swift 5 is a touch display with relatively thin bezels. The Swift 3 has Full High Definition and Quad High Definition display options, but if you want maximum performance, upgrading to a Swift 5 laptop is the better choice. A webcam is also located on both laptops. Both laptop webcams use Full HD sensors with Temporal Noise Lessening expertise from Acer.


However, the Acer Swift 5 is approximately 0.5 kg lighter and slightly thinner compared to the Swift 3. They are both folding notebooks, however, the Swift 5 appears to be more attractive. With its gold and green appearance and CNC-cut aluminum body, the Swift 5 is more expensive. With its colorful options, the Swift 3 also looks attractive when compared to other popular notebooks, but it’s not as high-end as the Swift 5.


The new 12th generation Core CPUs from Intel power both the Acer Swift 5 & Acer Swift 3. They are both utilizing P-series chips. The Core i7-1260P processor powers the Acer Swift 5 laptop. It has an overall count of 12 cores, of which 4 are performance and 8 are efficiency cores. They will undoubtedly outperform Intel’s 11th-generation Tiger Lake central processing unit.

The performance of Acer Swift 3 & Swift 5 laptops entirely relies on how effectively the chassis supports these new CPUs. The Swift 5 has an improved Twin Air dual-fan technology and a D6 heat pipe, claimed by Acer, for enhanced thermal control. Generally speaking, the Swift 5 outperforms the Swift 3.

Both notebooks have updated 12th-generation processors as well as greater random access memory and storage options. Both the Acer Swift 3 and Swift 5 can be ordered with a maximum of sixteen gigabytes of random access memory, but the Swift 3 comes with LPDDR4X memory while the Swift 5 uses LPDDR5. The LPDDR5 is preferable even if there may not be a noticeable performance improvement as a result.

The Swift 3 and Swift 5 notebooks both have up to a two-terabyte solid-state drive as far as storage is considered. Acer’s Swift 3 is a quick laptop with good specifications. If you need additional speed, you can also expand the solid-state drive, however, the random access memory is fixed.

It’s vital to know that the Acer Swift 5 laptop meets Intel’s Evo criteria, which offer features like fast wake-up and a battery life of at least ten hours. Always keep in mind that the Swift 3 does not have this. Although Swift 5 will provide a superior user experience.

Commenting on the battery of these laptops is challenging because it also depends on the display, efficiency, and other factors. For both computers, Acer guarantees a minimum of ten hours of use between charges. Additionally, the Swift 3 & Swift 5 also employ a 65W charger.

Connectivity Ports

The Acer Swift 3 & Swift 5 both have the same selection of ports, so let’s move on. A 3.5mm audio jack, a High Definition Multimedia Interface, and two USB Type-A & C ports are included. But it’s important to note that Swift 5 has an HDMI 2.1, whereas the Swift 3 has an HDMI 2.0 port. The wireless connectivity of both devices is also the same.

Advantages of the Acer Swift 5

  • A 2 percent increase in the screen-to-body ratio & thinner bezels
  • Able to run trending games at an FPS increase of roughly 11 to 15 percent
  • Improved multi-core central processing unit performance by about 7 percent
  • The screen is 34 percent crisper and supports touch

Which Should You Purchase Acer Swift 5 Vs Acer Swift 3?

The performance of Acer Swift 3 & Swift 5 laptops is anticipated to be very similar thanks to Intel’s latest 12th-generation P-series CPUs. Both laptops provide adequate random access memory and storage space, but the Swift 5 is a superior choice as it incorporates LPDDR5 dual-channel memory to balance the new 12th-generation Intel processors. The Acer Swift 5 has a 16:10 display and is supported by Intel’s brand-new Alder Lake CPUs. The Acer Swift 3 has up to a Quad High Definition display, and a new Full High Definition webcam.

The Swift 3 loses to Swift 5 in terms of display and quality of construction. Both laptops come with a 14-inch display, however, the Swift 5 has a touchscreen variant with a 16:10 aspect ratio that provides additional flexibility. Because of its dual-tone appearance and aluminum finish, the Acer Swift 5 also appears more expensive.

Although it has exciting color options, the Swift 3 doesn’t quite match up in terms of aesthetic appeal. Finally, there are no variations in ports & connectivity.

Windows-based laptops like Swift 3 and 5 are fairly similar to one another. The Swift 3 boasts a superior port selection involving Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, an inferior but more colorful and color-accurate show, and a longer-lasting battery.

However swift 5 has a more pleasant keyboard, a touchpad that feels snappier, and a much better webcam.


Overall, the Acer Swift 3 & Swift 5 serve as fantastic laptops that can endure for a very long time. If you aren’t interested in spending a lot of money on fancy extras like premium construction quality, touchscreen possibility, and 16:10 ratio panel.

We advise choosing the Swift 3 instead of the Swift 5. The Swift 5 is a sleek, light laptop with top-of-the-line hardware and a fantastic display. However, the Swift 5 is the ideal option if you are an expert user who is willing to pay more money to have the finest performance and a fashionable notebook.