Best Laptops under $200 in 2024

Many users have specific requirements that must be met for a laptop to function properly. Find the best laptops under $200 here. But finding the best laptops under $200 isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You need something with excellent processing power, good graphics, and more storage capacity. Many users want to perform different tasks like video watching, multitasking, documentation, and many more. With all these factors in mind, it is important to know which laptop or device you are using for accomplishing your task. If you are a moderate user or a heavy multitasking user, consider a laptop, depends on many factors. One of these factors is performance, good RAM, and storage, screen quality, build quality, graphics, and battery life. These are the key factors to be considered while purchasing the best laptops under$200.

If you are a learner or professional user and want to run various software programs, wants better RAM and graphics, and demands excellent storing capacity and better display you need a laptop with good specifications with no worries. To choose the best laptops under $200 to work quickly and save time, you should pay attention to the physical characteristics of the laptop. If you are fascinated by buying a proficient laptop that is considered the best laptops under $200, then this article is for you!

What to Consider in the Best Laptops Under $200?

Processing Power (CPU): The processor can determine the performance of laptops. Choosing an inexpensive laptop can be a challenge. You’ll find most laptops under 200 Dollars powered by Intel Celeron and MediaTek processors, but those are the brand names. You need to pay devotion to the model quantities of CPUs. If you’re looking for a laptop with a good processor, then 1 GHz or higher is better and these are considered the best laptops under $200 for study and entertainment. So, as a rule of thumb, you should avoid buying any laptop in 2022 with a CPU launched before 2020.

RAM: Usually laptops in this price category still only have 4GB of RAM, which is insufficient if you want to work on many apps at the same time. A laptop must have at minimum 8 Gb of Memory these days. That, however, is not attainable for less than $200. However, for basic work, 4 Gb of Storage is sufficient, and this is what you should look for in a laptop for around $200. Anything less is a definite NO.

Storage: you can acquire a laptop with up to 64GB of inbuilt storage for best laptops under $200. Anything less is generally not recommended, however, 32GB is also okay if the laptop includes a memory card port. Don’t buy laptops with only 16GB of onboard storage because the operating system takes up more than half of it, leaving little capacity for you to install the software.

Display: Many best laptops under $200 sacrifice quality obtained, so finding a low-cost laptop with a great screen is difficult, but not impossible. Look for laptops that have IPS displays. They have higher quality in terms of viewing angles, overall vividness, and brightness. Also, consider it a home run if it has a resolution higher than High definition (1366 by 768). However, if you acquire it at the expense of performance, you should certainly prioritize important gear such as processor, RAM, and storage.

Build Quality: If you are purchasing a laptop for your child, a laptop with a sturdy design and a water-resistant keyboard will improve your life as a parent many times easier. Observing how the keyboard feels when typing, as well as the accuracy and sensitivity of the touchpad, are also significant. You should also consider the number and type of ports a laptop has, as well as its general weight by holding it in your hands.

List of Best Laptops under $200:

  1. HP Chrome Book
  2. Apple MacBook Air
  3. Acer Chrome Book (2 in 1)
  4. CHUWI Hero book Air
  5. HP Stream 14
  6. Lenovo Chromebook S330
  7. Samsung Chromebook 4
  8. ASUS L210
  9. HP Stream 11
  10. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3

HP Chrome Book

Screen: 11.6 inches ‎| Resolution: 1366 by 768 | CPU: ‎2 GHz MediaTek 8183| OS: ‎Chrome OS | Random access memory: LPDDR4 ‎4 GB | Storage: eMMC 32 GB | Graphics: MediaTek Integrated Graphics | Weight: 2.36 Lbs. | Battery: 15 Hrs.

Because of its very long-lasting battery, it is the best laptop for under $200. HP Chrome Book has MediaTek mobile processor, a full-size keyboard, and an 11.6-inch touchscreen that can handle all your daily tasks very easily. This will allow you to switch between gaming and connecting with your friends and family very joyfully with social media and by video calling.

HP Chrome Book has a high-quality antiglare display which protects you from eye-damaging while gaming and video watching. You can run millions of Android apps that you love and can run on your chrome device without speed delays and security issues by considering these best laptops for under $200.

Apple MacBook Air

Display: 11.6 inches‎ | Resolution: 1440 by 900 | CPU: 1.6 GHz Intel i5 Core | Operating System: MAC OS X| Random access memory: 8 DDR4 GB | Storage: SSD GB 128 | USB 2.0 Ports: 2 | Wireless: Bluetooth‎ | Weight: 2.1 Lbs.

Because of its dominant processors and graphics, this Apple MacBook Air is the best laptop for under $200. It has a great Intel Central Processing Unit that lets it deal with high-end software more speedily than ever before, building it a better choice as the best 200 Dollars laptop.

For definite processes, its enclosures DDR4 random access memory. The MacBook has ample storage to do multiple tasking, play games, and watch videos at once. The SSD storage allows heavy profile software to boot up speedily. As a result of the great mobility progression to launch apps as well as start documents at the same time, it is seen as a likely choice. 

Acer Chrome Book (2 in 1)

Screen: 11.6 inches ‎| Resolution: 1366 by 768 | CPU:‎ 2 GHz Cortex | Operating System: Chrome OS | Random access memory: DDR4 ‎4 GB | Storage: SSD eMMC 32 GB | Graphics: ARM Mali | Weight: 3.76 Lbs. | | Battery: 8 Hrs

Acer Chrome Book (2 in 1) is regarded as the best laptop under $200 due to its extremely long-lasting battery. The Acer Convertible Chrome Book comes with a 2 GHz 6-cores ARM Mali processor, a complete keyboard, and an 11.6-inch digital display that can easily handle all your daily tasks. This allows you to easily switch between playing games and communicating with friends and family via social media and video calling.

Acer Chrome Book (2 in 1) has a high-quality display that protects your eyes from damage while gaming or watching videos. By considering this best laptop for under 200 dollars, you can run large numbers of Android apps that you like on your Chrome gadget without speed delays or security issues.

CHUWI Hero book Air

Screen: 11.6 Inches‎ | Resolution: 1366 by 768 | CPU: Celeron 2.8 Gigahertz Intel | Operating System: Windows 10| Random access memory: LPDDR4 4 GB | Storage: SSD128 GB | 3.0 Ports: ‎1 | Graphics: UHD 600 Intel | Weight: 1.98 Lbs. | Battery: 5 Hrs.

CHUWI Hero book Air is the best laptop under $200 due to its micro-edge bright view display and powerful processor. It has SSD high-quality storage and DDR4 random access memory to cope with daily multitasking and heavy use. It has ultra-quality graphics to run moderate games smoothly and for light video and picture editing.

CHUWI Hero book Air has decent battery timing to perform multimedia and office work easily. Buying this laptop for under 200 Dollars will never disappoint you. It will run and play your desired apps on the google store with ease.

HP Stream 14

Screen: 14 inches ‎| Resolution: 1366 by 768 pixels | CPU: Intel 1.1 GHz Celeron | Operating System: Home Windows 10 | Random access memory: SDRAM ‎4 gigabytes | Storage: eMMC 64 GB | Graphics: Integrated Intel | Weight: 3.17 Lbs. | Battery: 10 Hrs.

HP Stream 14 is the best laptop under $200 for office working, school, and playing movies and videos. This lightweight laptop provides the necessary productivity and entertainment for home or at school without slowing you down.

HP Stream 14 consists of a WLED backlit HD SVA bright view display which enhances you’re watching, playing, and working experience. It has a very long day battery life which is best for office workers and students for study and entertainment for under 200 Dollars.

Lenovo Chromebook S330

Display & Resolution: 14 Inches‎,1920 by 1080 | CPU: Intel 2.1 gigahertz mtk_8121 | Operating System: Chrome OS| Random access memory: LPDDR3 4 GB | Storage: Gigabytes64 | Graphics: Intel integrated Graphics | Weight: 3.3 Lbs. | 3.0 Ports: 1

Due to its dazzling battery life performance, Lenovo Chromebook S330 is chosen to be the best laptop under $200. It is a very high-performance laptop related to heavy use and watching videos, office working, and playing all day long. Its operating system is well optimized and easy to use.

Lenovo Chromebook S330 has a sleek and stylish design with a full high-definition resolution display which allows your regular computing and multimedia with ease offline or online. It has excellent memory which allows you loading of heavy-duty software in no time. By mentioning all the above features, it should consider the best laptop under 200 Dollars.

Samsung Chromebook 4

Screen: 11.6 inches ‎| Resolution: 1366 by 768 | CPU: ‎Intel | Operating System: OS Chrome | Random access memory: 4 LPDDR4 GB | Storage: eMMC 32 GB | Graphics: Integrated Intel graphics | Weight: 2.6 Lbs. | Battery: 5 Hrs.

Samsung Chromebook 4 is the best laptop under $200 due to its Military-grade durability and sleek design. It has very fast connectivity with gigabit WI FI that allows you stable internet and data transferring. It has amazing battery life for entertainment purposes.

Due to its well-optimized system and performance, it allows better security features and built multi-layer virus protection. Due to its overall great performance, Samsung Chromebook 4 is considered the best laptop under 200 Dollars.


Display: 11.6 | Resolution: 1366 by 768 | CPU: Gigahertz 2.8 | Operating System: Win 10 S | Random access memory: DDR3 4 GB | Storage: ‎64 SSD GB | Graphics: UHDIntel 600 graphics | 2.0 Ports: 1‎ | Weight: 2.31 Lbs.

ASUS L210 is known as the best laptop under $200 due to its extremely long-lasting battery. The ASUS laptop L210 features an intel processor and an 11.6-inch touchscreen that can easily handle all your daily tasks. This allows you to easily toggle between video games and communicating with friends/relatives via social media and web conferencing.

ASUS L210 has an elevated edge-lit display that protects your eyes from damage while gaming or watching videos. By exploring this best laptop for under 200 dollars, you can operate heavy software and access many useful apps on this device without speed delays or security issues.

HP Stream 11

Screen: ‎11.6 & 1366 by 768 | OS: Windows 11 Home in S mode | Processor: Intel 1.1 GHz | Storage: SSD 64 GB | RAM: DDR4 4 gigabytes | Graphics: UHD intel 600 graphics | Weight: 2.37 Lbs.‎

Due to its high definition display and very excellent battery life performance, HP stream 11 is consider to be the best laptop under $200. Due to the quick response of the dual-core engine, it allows you better multitasking and boosts heavy software easily. Due to its highly capable graphics, you can stream and run games smoothly.

Its windows interface is user-friendly and allows you security and virus protection with windows updates. Excellent display and graphics increase your content consumption on HP Stream 11 laptop. That is why it is best for under 200 Dollars.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3

Display: 11.6 Inches‎ | Resolution: 1366 by 768 | Processor: 2.1 Gigahertz | Operating System: Chrome OS | RAM: 4 LPDDR3 gigabytes | Graphics: PowerVR GX6250| Storage: 64 SSD GB | Weight: 2.65 Lbs. | Wireless: 801.11ac

Because of its dominant CPU and graphics, this Lenovo chrome book flex 3 is the best laptop under $200. It has a powerful 2.1 gigahertz PowerVR processor that allows it to deal with highly capable software quicker than ever before, making it a good option as the best laptop for under 200 Dollars.

For certain processes, flex enclosures LPDDR3 RAM (random access memory). The Lenovo chrome book has good storage to do multiple tasks at once. The SSD disc enables major software to boot up speedily. As a result of the fast mobility to launch apps as well as launch documents at the same time, it is seen as a user-friendly choice.