Best Printer For Artists 2024

Choosing the right art printers for art print and design is important for anyone who is committed to producing high-quality art. Digital art is for many people a means to design without using any tangible copies. Making a hard copy of the artwork, however, can be the variation between a professional and a novice artist.

Therefore, investing in the best printer for artists in a quality art printer to sell your prints or simply having a hard copy of your portfolios might be crucial to advancing your artistic career. If you’ve never done it before, it may be difficult to find the best art printers. To assist with this, we have put together a list of the top art printer for artists.

Laser Or Inkjet, Which Is Better Suited For Artistic Purposes?

Before looking at the best printer for artists, it’s critical to choose one that meets your needs. Your ultimate decision regarding art prints is typically based on colour accuracy and clarity, but in addition to that, your design requirements are also crucial. In most cases, choosing between printing and an inkjet printer boils down. Sharpness and colour fidelity are typically the main advantages of inkjet printers. With printers, you may have to make a small trade-off in terms of colour accuracy and print quality, but you receive cheaper prints at higher rates.

In order to best reproduce the colours and textures of your artwork, the majority of wall art or projects necessitate the use of an inkjet printer. However, if you work for a company or with a large group of individuals, you may need to purchase printers to keep stuff organized and practical for your job.

What To Consider In The Best Printer For Artists?

When looking to buy a printer, each artist must consider several important factors. The most important specifications are its resolution, ink cartridges, speed, and much more.


Quality is undoubtedly an important consideration when purchasing an expert inkjet printer. Models who provide a superior quality output of images will provide you with work suited to show in a gallery. Competent inkjet printers are typically able to produce prints of good quality. Printers with quality are much more expensive than normal printers, although they are still cheap. Whether you’re producing highly detailed photographs or huge prints, the maximum DPI printer is ideal. These machines are more costly, but they produce work suited for art fairs and sales.

Colors and Pigments

Each printer offers a unique set of choices. Some offer a wider range of colours, tints, and clarity. The best picture printers have a wide colour range. Art printers may also generate diverse colours, intensity, and brightness. These options enable you to perfect your artwork so that the printer prints the exact colours from the colour wheel. Ink cartridges for shiny or matt textures are available for certain art printers. If you’re taking pictures or even other artwork, having several finish choices can help you create a variety of works. The more options your art printers has in regards to ink cartridges, colours, and paints, the better you will be able to copy your work.

Print Speed

Whenever the printing rate is around two and six min, pigmented inks can stay longer before fading. Art printers are typically slower, yet they offer greater colour fidelity to your images. When the ink enters the material for a longer amount of time, the colours become more bright and dense. If your goal is to provide a service of quick prints or multiple photocopies, avoid machines with rapid printing speeds. If the image quality is more important to you, avoid printers that prioritize speed. Printing at a faster rate does not result in higher print quality.

List Of Best Printer For Artists

Epson XP-15000

Connectivity: Wireless, Ethernet | Print speed: 5760×1450 DPI | Weight: 18.7 Lbs. | Technology: Inkjet | Feature: Auto-Duplex | Color: Black

Epson XP-15000can produce high-resolution printer stunning frameless prints. Six colours of Claria HD ink are available for enhanced black-and-white printing and delicate colour gradation.

Additionally, the ink is surprisingly inexpensive, just like the printer, which is a crucial factor to take into account if you want to increase the profitability of your art prints. This is the best printer for artists with an excellent entry-level printer for publishing, with a motorized back hopper that can hold a variety of materials, including pretty thick card stock. Additionally, the Epson XP 15000 could print photos without a border.


  • Excellent colour accuracy
  • Excellent art printability
  • Printing is quick
  • Quiet, compact, and simple to use
  • Very good connectivity


  • Lower stated resolution

Epson EcoTank-7700

Category: Inkjet | Print speed: 13 ppm (black),10 ppm (color) | Weight: 18.1 Lbs. | Printer Output: Color

With so many alternatives available, selecting the ideal printer for your work or fine art copies can be challenging. But when it comes down to the best printer for artists, the Epson EcoTank-7700 was unquestionably the device we suggest for the most attractive art prints.

Although it might appear a little expensive at first, best art printers most serious illustrators and artists will find it to be among the most cost-effective choices over time. With its 5 colour inks, this inkjet printer can print 14,000 pages both black and white, and up to 9,000 sheets in colour. This printer is the finest for art overall in terms of quality and cost because of its flexible paper handling and Highest Print Quality of optimized resolution.


  • Long-term affordability
  • Excellent print quality
  • high ink yield


  • Small screen
  • Little bit pricey
  • Little bit slower

Canon iP8720

Category: Inkjet | Print speed: 14.5 ppm | Weight: 18.6 Lbs. | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet | Printer Output: Color

The Canon iP8750 is the ideal art printers and best printer for artists. A border page (colourful) may be printed with this reasonably priced printer. Additionally, with four dye-based inks and a solid black, the outcomes are worthwhile. Additionally, high-yield ink cartridges, which are less expensive than ordinary casings, can be purchased if you want to save even more money and best printer for artists. With the Canon iP8720’s various advantages, you can easily print your artistic photographs. This makes it among the most affordable art printer to buy and operate.


  • Cheap in cost
  • Nice colour and resolution


  • Less print quality

Epson P800 Inkjet

Category:  Color ink-jet printer | Print speed: 3 ppm | Paper sizes: various | Weight: 43 Lbs. | Printer Output: Color, Monochrome

This Epson P800 inkjet is among the best high-end art printers that money can buy the best printer for artists. Even though it may seem expensive to a certain, this remarkable device uses more than 8 various types of ink, so your artwork printouts and designs will seem more accurate, vivid, and clear than most other options. Even while we don’t recommend this printer for beginners, experienced designers and artists will be amazed to learn that it is able currently to produce the best prints which makes it the best printer for artists.

The Epson P800 inkjet device is easy to use and has connectivity options including USB, Wi-Fi, and ethernet. Additionally, its storage efficiency Ultra Chrome High definition ink cartridges enable you to make black and white printouts that are on par with those produced by professionals. Therefore, the Epson P800 should be a wise choice if you’re seeking for a printer to produce prints of the highest high enough quality.


  • Exceptional print quality
  • Exceptional colour accuracy


  • More in weight

Canon PIXMA Pro 10

Category:  Color ink-jet printer | Print speed: 9 ppm | Weight: 43.9 Lbs. | Connectivity: Wireless, Ethernet. USB | Printer Output: Color

The Canon Pixma Pro 10 is indeed the solution if you’re seeking a somewhat less affordable version and also the best printer for artists. The Pixma Pro 10 has stood up to time fairly well despite being older than the majority of the printers on this list. To ensure you get the most out of colour, this high-quality model comes with 10 colour pigment toner cartridges and has optimal ink-generating processes. Additionally, this printer produces output in a variety of sizes and does a wonderful job on black and white prints.

WiFi, Ethernet, and Controller sets are all available with the Pixma Pro 10. This printer has a huge advantage over most others in that the printing heads can be taken out and cleaned to avoid ink blockages. Therefore, this cheap art printer is a perfect option if you’re searching for an elevated printer for an arts center or selling art prints. It earns the title of best fine art copier an expert’s opinion which makes it the best printer for artists.


  • Print using various media
  • Colored inks


  • Little cartridge for ink

Epson HD XP-15000

Category:  Color ink-jet printer | Paper sizes: different | Weight: 18.7 Lbs. | Connectivity: Wireless, Ethernet | Feature: Auto-Duplex | Printer Output: Color | Max Speed: 20 ppm

It’s not simple to produce prints at optimum resolution dpi, but the Epson HD XP-15000 is up to the task. The Epson uses grey and red ink to give depth and complexity in addition to the standard artist printer inks of black, cyan, fuchsia, and yellow. As a result, all of your printouts have a wide colour spectrum, which is especially useful for achieving higher detail in gray and black-and-white areas. This Epson is incredibly adaptable when it comes to printing on specialist print media. It can print borderless stocks. More paperweight can be processed by it. This printer is an effective instrument for printing in colour. Of all, for high-quality prints, you’ll also need the best ink.


  • Faster prints
  • Auto-duplex
  • HD Resolution


  • Weighty

Canon PRO-1000

Category: colored Inkjet printer | Weight: 70.5 Lbs. | Connectivity: USB | Printer Output: Color

This Canon PRO-1000 is the ideal art printer and best printer for artists with huge projects because it prints up to A2 size and can produce panoramic prints. With a package of 12 powder Lucia Pro ink cartridges and an additional chroma optimizer for giving works on glossy paper a clean top layer, it offers excellent colour reproduction and clarity. The results are amazing as well, especially when utilizing glossy and fine art media, due to the high-quality inks. The most affordable art printers on our list are by no measure this one. But it will work well if you want large, stunning prints of your artwork.


  • 12 pigment-based inks 
  • A2 colour accuracy


  • Hefty and bulky

HP ENVY 5055

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud Printing | Feature: Auto-Duplex| Category: inkjet printer | Print speed: 15 ppm | Weight: 11.93 Lbs.

The HP Envy 5055 is perhaps your best choice and best printer for artists whether you’re an art historian, a novice, or even have a tight budget. If you’re just starting with art prints or if you have an office space, this printer is ideal. But over time, using this printer can cost a lot of money. If you want to use this printer frequently, buying new ink could ultimately cost you much more than buying the printer itself! But don’t worry, if you subscribe to HP’s Instant Ink program, this may be a reasonably priced choice.


  • Great value
  • Excellent print quality
  • Compact and robust construction


  • No Ethernet support
  • Costly

Frequently Asked Question

Which Is Better For Art Prints, Laser Or Inkjet?

When it comes to providing the highest printability for art prints, inkjet printers are outer form laser printers. On the other hand, the laser printer’s outer form is in terms of print speed and operating costs.

What Is A Laser Printer’s Drawback?

The cost of the colour toner cartridge is high. Humans are harmed by toner. The maintenance costs are significant. The majority of laser printers are unable to generate intricate graphics or photos of a caliber comparable to that of photo inkjet.

Can A Laser Printer Print Photos?

Yes, Laser printers can produce images.

How Long Does A Laser Printer’s Ink Last?

A normal toner cartridge will generate around 2,500 and 4,000 pages.

Do Laser Printers Have Ink Runouts?

Laser printers don’t need ink. Toner, which is made of plastic and metal particles and is used in laser printers, melts to the paper using specially heated rollers, or a fuser unit. Nothing “dries up” when there is no ink. With printing, you can go on vacation with confidence that your printer will still be functional when you return.