Best Ways to Cool Down the Laptop While Gaming

Does your laptop heat up while the gaming sessions?

We got you here! People who are avid and passionate gamers, tend to use the laptop for many hours. During gaming, everything in the laptop is being focused on providing you with the best gaming experience. The RAM, GPU, especially the processor.

Due to this, the die-hard gamers might find their laptops heating up and slowing down. This may also cause the system to shut down in-between as the battery life reduces very fast during gaming.

Effects of Overheating of Laptop during Gaming:

Overheating is not good for the laptop at all. It can have several bad effects on your system and you might not get the same gaming experience again.

The lifespan of the battery reduces or the condition of the battery deteriorates if the laptop overheats time and again.

Before discussing the ways through which you can easily keep your laptop from cooling, let’s lay our eyes on the effects caused by overheating. These will help you know whether your laptop is really getting hot or is it some other problem?

  • Overheating causes loud noise from the cooling fans of the laptop
  • You may face premature hardware failure
  • The keyboard might also feel hot to touch
  • The laptop shuts down suddenly or recurrently without warnings.

All these things are done by the laptop itself in the state of heating-up to control the amount of heat and stay cool.

Ways to control Heat of the laptop during Gaming’s:

To tackle this situation and prevent your laptop from heating, you need to keep the system cool. These days laptops come with cooling system that caters the heat issue, but if your laptop does not have a dedicated cooling, you can follow these.

For this, we have some ways. Following this, you will be able to control the heat or cool the system down while gaming or keep the laptop cool. Let’s check the details in the context further

  1. Close Unnecessary Programs:

Use the task manager to close the unnecessary programs opened whilst you are gaming. Multitasking or opening multiple programs whilst gaming puts a lot of stress on the processor and RAM. This increases their workload and tends to generate a lot of heat. The Windows Task Manager can help you close all the extra opened programs easily in one go.

To open the Task Manager, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Windows+U. Under the Processors tab, you can see the running programs, just right-click on the ones you want to close and select End Task from the Drop-down. This surely reduces the load on the system unit, and the laptop will cool down.

  1. Play Games at lower Graphics settings:

We all love to play games at higher graphics settings just because we get the best gaming quality and the highest frames rates allow smoother gameplay. But this s not good for the system unit at all, especially the processor and the graphics card. They come under great stress which leads to more heat production. Some heavy games also demand hardware like Finally Fantasy XV, etc. So, it’s better to use medium or lower graphics settings and low FPS.

Fewer calculations, lesser processing, and rendering at low graphics settings keep the laptop cool and you can play games for not only a long time but smoothly and without damaging the laptop internally.

  1. Use the laptop on a Hard and Flat Surface:

It is advised to put the laptop on a hard and flat surface while gaming. This is because almost all the laptops have the ais intake vents in them. These are positioned at the bottom internally. These help in the airflow through the inside of the laptop to cool the components. The hard surfaces provide space for the air vents t work properly.

It is a bad idea to use the laptop on a bed, duvet, etc because they tend to fold and block the path of these air vents due to which the system heats up.

  1. Buy a cooling pad for your laptop:

Cooling pads are an effective and inexpensive way to keep your system cool while gaming. The gaming laptops or any laptops operate intently while gaming so they need to be cooled down. The cooling pads provide external fans for cooling the laptop. These are connected to the laptop through a USB cable. Some laptops tend to get the cool air from the bottom and expel hot air from its side. But some suck the cool air in from the sides and expels hot air from the bottom. This way both the laptop and cooling pad will oppose each other. So, make sure to check the hot and cold airflow of your laptop before using a cooling pad.

  1. Keep a check on the laptop fans:

If you feel like your laptop is heating up, then you should check the cooling fans first. This is because, if one of the fans fails or does not function well, then the whole system can suffer from the heat. There are two signs that your fans are not working well. Keep an ear to them in between your gaming sessions:

Total Silence:
No cooling fan is still or idle when the laptop is on or the system is heating up, if it happens, this shows that the cooling fan has either stopped working or is defective.
When the cooling fan of the laptop makes grinding or rattling sounds that means it is not working fine or it is about to die. So, make sure to get the cooling fans checked by a computer expert or get them changed in case of any defect so the system does not heat up when you are gaming.

Final Words:

Clean the fans and the internal components of the laptop occasionally to keep the dust from sticking in damaging the components. This way, all the components stay fine and work well n removing heat from the laptop while you game hard. We hope all these ways will help you keep your laptop cool while gaming.