Quick Instructions To Set Up BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless Extender

The BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless Extender provides great wireless coverage of up to 1200 square feet of WiFi speed throughout your house. Also, you can connect up to twenty devices simultaneously with the WiFi range extender. You can connect your smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and many more with the help of this WiFi booster for your house. It provides a speed of up to 300 Mbps in 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps in 5 GHz. So you can stream an online 4K video game for multi-users by connecting your wireless device to the extender without any buffering or lagging and get a better experience with the BrosTrend ac1200 wireless extender.
It works as a WiFi bridge function and helps to boost your extender device with the help of an ethernet cable. You can connect a wired cable to your WiFi and use it as a smart TV. It also supports the access point to build an innovative WiFi range extender.

Setup of the BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless extender

The BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless extender can be set up within a few minutes easily by just pressing the WPS button of the existing router or modem and it automatically starts extending your WiFi network when the LED lights start flashing. The LED signal light indicates the strength of the WiFi network. Let’s begin the setup process.
Web Interface method

For the re.brostrend.com login, try this web address in the search bar and perform the reset operation. It is because if you failed to log in with the WPS method. Press or hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds and restore the extender back into the factory default settings and wait until the LED light starts blinking and turns into the blue light.

When you are done with the reset operation then use your WiFi device to connect to your wireless extender. Open any web browser and type BrosTrend_EXT in the address bar. To access this web page, a password is not required. Once you are done accessing this web page then visit the re.brostrend.com or IP address type in the search bar.
A login page displays on your screen, choose yourself as an admin and create a strong password.

Choose your nearby WiFi names with the help of your existing router and set up the network SSID and password and you’re done.

WPS Button Method

To set up the operation with the help of the WPS method. Press the WPS button of your router for 1-2 seconds. Once the LED light turns into solid blue, it indicates a good WiFi connection between the router and the extender. In case if the LED blinks the red light, it means that your extender is too far away from your router. So please keep them together for the best possible results.
Once you have installed the range extender, then use your wifi devices to connect to your extender. The password of the extender is the same as the password of the router, it is by default. Once it is properly installed or connected to your wifi device, you can use it anywhere in your house under the WiFi range. Also, ensure that your router has the WPS button. In case it doesn’t have the WPS button, then use the web interface method.

Using Wall Plug for the WiFi Range Extender

To install the BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless extender on the walls is the easiest and fastest way instead of a web interface or the WPS button.
Just plug your wireless range extender into the power outlet.
For the proper setup of the extender, firstly complete the basic steps in the same room where you have your existing router. Then wait for the LED lights to turn into solid blue.
At last, choose any way to set up the wifi extender either by WPS button or using the web interface

Ideas To Fix The Problems Of Brostrend AC1200 Wireless Extender

In Case It Does Not Work

If your Brostrend ac1200 not working properly, then perform the factory reset operation. Firstly, press or hold the WPS button for 15-20 seconds with the help of your finger or nail and leave it. The LED lights start blinking solid on, which indicates that your extender is restored properly into the factory default settings.

In Case, It Does Not Have An Internet Connection

If your WiFi extender is connected to your device but does not have internet access or it shows an error with “no internet” connection. This might have the chance of the corrupted DNS. In that case, it is recommended to use Cloudflare DNS or Google DNS instead of using the internet service provider.

In Case, It Does Not Blink The LED Light

In that case, perform the re-plug or unplug operation of the power cable. If the link status of the LED does not blinks, this means the BrosTrend wifi adapter is not connected properly. Try to fix it. Or, if the blue LED light does not flash then it means your device is not working.

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