10 Most Unexpected Laptop Decoration Ideas

What makes a laptop decoration outstanding? Is it the combination of materials or attractive design? Perhaps, it is the unusual place that attracts the attention? I guess all of these factors are important to consider what will be the best laptop decoration. So it’s hard to single out one feature. Honestly, every laptop deserves to be decorated in a unique method.

Laptop Decoration Ideas: Decorating your laptop is a way to express your creative side and add personality to your laptop. Playing with this idea is a good way to reduce the boredom, and to create a unique decorative style for your laptop.

1- Laptop Decal

The laptop is something that has become an important part of our daily lives. We use it for work, play, studies and many other things that are a part of our working and personal life. As such, it is not a surprise to see that the laptop has been incorporated into our lifestyle as well.

The laptop is not just used as a work machine; it has become a fashion statement as well. Laptop decal or skin is one way in which you can personalize your laptop and make it look unique and special.

Laptop Decals are stickers or skins that have been designed to fit on the top surface of your laptops. They come in different designs, styles and colors, so that you can find the one that best suits your taste and style.

Here are our top laptop decal ideas for those of you looking for a little extra flair for your Laptop.

  • Go Natural – Plants, animals, and nature scenes are always in style. You can never go wrong with adding a floral or animal print to your laptop!
  • Get Graphic – Graphic design lovers will love playing around with geometric patterns on their laptops by adding sophisticated shapes and lines to their devices.
  • Be Festive – The holidays are right around the corner, so why not spread some holiday cheer wherever you go?
  • Add Color – Color blocking has been on trend in fashion for years now, but did you know you could use this concept on your laptop as well?
  • Add Texture – From glittery gold to fluffy fur, adding textured stickers to your laptop is sure to dazzle anyone who sees it!
  • Get Wordy – Sayings and quotes are always fun to add onto laptops

2- Stickers

For many of us, the laptop is our life. And so it is completely normal to want to decorate your laptop, as a way of making it a little more personal. Unfortunately, the world of laptop decorations is not one of glamour and wealth. It’s a hard life, out there in the world of laptop decoration. You need to be clever and think outside the box if you want to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world.

If you are looking for new ways to decorate your laptop, here are ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!


The classic! Stickers are the easiest way to make your laptop look great in seconds and they come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone.


Why not create a gallery wall on your laptop with pictures of all your friends and family? You can even get some printed and stick them on!


If you feel like getting artistic then use some paint pens or acrylics to create an original work of art on your beloved laptop lid.


This is very trendy at the moment, so get hold of some glittery nail polish or glue and sprinkle away! Just make sure you cover

3- Tapes

Tapes as a laptop decoration can look really nice. It’s possible to give them any shape, color or pattern. You can use tapes of different width and apply them to the top or bottom part of your laptop.

Tapes are easy to remove so you can change your laptop decoration anytime you want. If you want to make something really unique, add some accessories like bows or flowers.

Here is a good idea to decorate old laptop with tapes.

If you are looking for some cool and creative ways to decorate your laptop, there are few simple ideas that can help you! Here is a list of the best laptop decoration ideas:


Tapes are colorful and lots of fun. You can choose any kind of tape – washi, duct or even cellophane ones. You can make a tape-laptop masterpiece on your own or ask for advice from professionals.

Washi Tape Laptop Decoration Ideas

You can use colored washi tape to create unique and colorful patterns on your laptop cover. It will be easy to stick it on the smooth surface and it won’t leave any marks when you want to remove it.

4- Popsockets

You’re probably a little tired of your laptop. You see that same laptop day in and day out, and you’d love to have some kind of way to make it a little more fun.

Well, lucky for you we have 11 super simple ways that you can quickly and easily customize your laptop to make it feel like yours!


Popsockets are one of the easiest ways to personalize your laptop. You can even get them in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so they’re super customizable.

5- Laptop Sleeve

Laptops are an essential part of who we are. If you’re looking for a way to make your laptop truly your own, then we’ve got the inspiration you need. The possibilities are endless, and the designs you can create are limited to your imagination. We’ve put together a list of ten of the most unexpected ways to decorate your laptop, so read on and get ready to unleash your inner artist!

We’ll start things off with a quick and easy project: the laptop sleeve. This is a great option if you want something that’s colorful and eye-catching, but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in it. All you need is some fabric paint, scissors and an old t-shirt. Cut out two pieces for the front and back of your laptop case from the shirt, then use fabric paint to decorate them however you want! You can paint on words, pictures or patterns – it’s totally up to you!

Create a cover for your laptop that matches your personality. Use fabric paint, embroidery, or appliqué to add bright colors and textures to an old laptop cover. You can also use stencils and fabric markers to create designs on the cover.

If you don’t feel like getting too crafty (or just don’t have any old t-shirts lying around), there are lots of great pre-made options available at stores like Urban Outfitters or Target. Look for ones with patterns and colors that match your personality!

6- Keyboard cover

You can get a printable keyboard cover and personalize your laptop with it. This way, you can make it unique and prevent getting confused if you are using more than one laptop at the same time.

A keyboard cover is another fun way for you to express yourself through your laptop decoration ideas. These coverings go over the keyboard so that it has another layer of protection from dirt and spills. Many keyboards cover also come with designs on them, such as hearts or flowers, which give your computer a colorful look.

7- Laptop Bag

Having a laptop bag is a great way to protect your laptop from scratches and other damage, but many people choose to buy bags that are as boring as possible. However, it is possible to make your own laptop bag from old clothes or textiles, which will let you add your own unique style to the bag.

We know what you’re thinking: another laptop bag? But if you have a laptop, you need a laptop bag. And this one is just a little more stylish than most. The leather is soft and supple, the strap is sturdy and it has that cool ‘I’m-not-a-laptop-bag’ look. Perfect for toting around your laptop and your soul.

8- Mugs and water bottles

Coffee Mugs and Water bottles have become pretty fashionable in recent years, so why not put that fashion sense to good use? You can buy water bottle decals online and stick them right on your laptop! They’re super cute and easy to remove whenever you want something new.

9- Headphones and earbuds

You can use a pair of headphones as a laptop decoration. It looks very stylish and is suitable for any kind of computer. You can choose the color you like and fit it with your computer or contrast it.

If you have a spare pair of headphones, you don’t need to throw them away. You can use them as a laptop decoration. They will not take up much space on your computer and will look very stylish and original.

You should follow these simple steps:

Put the earbuds on the sides of your laptop to make it look like the cat’s ears. If you want to make it more interesting, put some glitter on the earbuds or color them with markers or paint (water-based).

And if you have a spare pair of headphones, they’ll make two beautiful cats.

10- Laptop Stand

The laptop is the most important tool in this technological world. It allows you to become more efficient and productive. But, sometimes, it becomes difficult for people who have a laptop to use it for long periods of time because of the heat that is generated. This is true especially when you are using your laptop on your lap or on a surface that does not provide enough ventilation.

For that reason, a laptop stand is an essential accessory for every laptop owner. It will help you to keep your lap from overheating and from experiencing the discomfort that goes with it. Besides, there are many other benefits of using a laptop stand. These include:

  • Protecting your eyes from the glare of the screen
  • Keeping your neck and shoulders in proper alignment
  • Allowing you to work at a comfortable height
  • Providing more room on your desk
  • Keeping your valuable laptop up off the floor


So, in short, laptop decors are meant to keep your laptop safe from scratches, heat and other elements that may harm the working condition of your gadget. These decors are endless, so choose what best suits your laptop’s design and choose one today!