How to Configure the Settings of the RangeXTD Wireless Booster?

The RangeXTD Wireless Booster is the whole home package fully loaded with next-generation technologies. It is power-packed with meritorious features and creates a wifi network for your whole home. Its 2.4 GHz wireless network coverage enables 300 Mbps of strong speed to your connected devices. Along with the features of the Rangextd wifi booster, it comes with two built-in antennas with LED signal indicators. The LED signal indicators play a major role to find the ideal location for the wifi router. After the manual installation, you are free from the buffering in the internet connection and enjoy the lag-free networking environment with your family.

With a simple setup and installation, it is ready to use. You don’t have to buy a new modem or router, mesh routers, or extenders to extend the wireless connection. It can be connected to your existing router so you get optimum coverage. You can refer to the manual for rangextd setup instructions.

RangeXTD Wireless Booster Configuration

The RangeXTD Booster can cover big and large areas seamlessly. It is mainly compiled of 802.11 ac wireless networking standard which supports 2.4 GHz transmission speed of up to 300 Mbps. Moreover, you are allowed to connect at least ten devices with a rangextd wifi booster simultaneously. The main thing is it works as a wifi router, universal repeater, and access point as well. So you can configure it with the repeater mode or you can push the one button up and the setup is done in one second.

Configuration using WPS Button

This is counted among the quickest and easiest ways. But first, you have to check that your router supports the WPS method or not. If you find the WPS button on the wifi booster then it supports but if you do not find the WPS button then it does not support the WPS button function. Then for the setup, you have to try another method. Here is the free tip while you are configuring the settings with the WPS button. If you want a stable and secure connection then set your router into the repeater mode.

Configuration with Repeater Mode

You have to check the LED signal indicator to find the relevant location for your wifi booster. Then select the repeater mode to position it into the repeater mode. Now plug the device into the power outlet and press the WPS button on the device panel. After a few seconds, the device starts blinking the LED light. Wait for two to three minutes for the proper setup.

Wireless Configuration with Repeater Mode

You should have selected the repeater mode and then plug the device into the power outlet. Now click on the network icon that you find on the top right corner of the computer screen. After waiting for a few minutes you can find the rangextd signal on your desktop screen. Simply click on the connect button. Now open Google Chrome on your computer and type the IP address into the search bar. Now you are redirected to the login window, enter your details where your password to access the login window is admin. Now follow on-screen guidance for proper setup.

Hence, You can configure the router with access point mode or wifi router mode. Just refer to the installation guide of the RangeXTD Wireless booster.

How To Change Or Manage The Password Of The Rangextd Wifi Booster?

For the rangextd wifi booster setup, When you access or login to the device for the first time then the default password is admin. So after accessing or prompting to the login page you can change the wireless password. This is mandatory because of the security risk, anyone can hack your wifi device if you don’t change the password. Visit the settings and go to the password section. First, enter your old password and twicely enter the new password. Aftermost, tap on the apply button. In case you forget the password then you can reset your device.

How To Upgrade The Firmware Of The Rangextd Wifi Booster?

If you are using the outdated version in your system device then you can upgrade the firmware version of your router. By upgrading the firmware of your device you can replace the obsolete version with the newest one. By adding new functions you can even fix the bugs. Go to the management settings and click on the firmware upgrade option then tap on the browse button and choose the file where you save the downloaded version. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version. Then click on the apply button and now the system will start downloading.